5 Cardinals Release New Dubia to Pope Francis: “We Are Concerned”

This news is of utmost importance for the Catholic Church.

On the eve of the Synod on Synodality in Rome, five Cardinals have released a notification to Christ’s Faithful of a new set of dubia to express their concerns about matters of doctrine and discipline that are causing confusion and perplexity.

The dubia or doubts to be resolved respectfully ask the Holy Father for clarification following well-established norms of the Catholic Church.

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Confusion is rampant in Catholic circles on vital moral and faith issues.  That is why I think you will find this correspondence between venerable members of the Sacred College of Cardinals and the supreme pontiff to be of the highest interest.

It contains three documents:

  1. the initial formulation of the dubia;
  2. the reformulation of the dubia in response to a private letter the signatory cardinals received from the pope;
  3. the notification that the signatory cardinals make to the faithful regarding the mentioned correspondence.

Please read the correspondence carefully, which is of historic importance for the future of the Church.

The five questions presented are:

1. Dubium about the claim that we should reinterpret Divine Revelation according to the cultural and anthropological changes in vogue.

2. Dubium about the claim that the widespread practice of the blessing of same-sex unions would be in accord with Revelation and the Magisterium (CCC 2357).

3. Dubium about the assertion that synodality is a “constitutive element of the Church” (Apostolic Constitution Episcopalis Communio 6), so that the Church would, by its very nature, be synodal.

4. Dubium about pastors’ and theologians’ support for the theory that “the theology of the Church has changed” and therefore that priestly ordination can be conferred on women.

5. Dubium about the statement “forgiveness is a human right” and the Holy Father’s insistence on the duty to absolve everyone and always, so that repentance would not be a necessary condition for sacramental absolution.

As you can see, the dubia go straight to the heart of the main controversies inside the Church and will affect its future in a major way.

That is why I invite you to:

Read the full text sent by the five Cardinals

Meanwhile, let’s pray fervently for the good outcome to this courageous stance by the dubia Cardinals.  May it serve to protect the integrity of faith and morals, and help Catholics stay faithful to the Church of always.

I am interested to know your opinion about this important correspondence between the five dubia cardinals and Pope Francis.  Send me any comments you wish to share.

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God bless you.

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action Director
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