Examination of Conscience and Prayer Concerning Pretentiousness

Examination of Conscience: 

I. What am I pretentious about?
A. In what circumstances do I feel most flattered?
B. Throughout the day, what are those things that I am anxious for others to notice about me?
II. To what extent do my pretensions correspond to reality?  To what extent are they made up of fantasy?
A. If my pretension is based on reality
1. Am I attached to this quality?
2. Is my attachment proportional to the quality I have?
3. Do I have a right to have this pretension?  (I must especially consider that I am a slave of Our Lady and have therefore given everything to Her)
B. If my pretension is based on fantasy:
1. On what lie is it based?
2. What is ridiculous about it? (There is nothing more ridiculous than a man who pretends to be something that he is not)
3.  To what extent does it lead me to revolt against Providence?
III. Are my pretensions of an extroverted or introverted nature?
IV. For each of my pretensions: How does this pretension give me the desire to live in this Revolutionary world?  How does it kill in me the desire for the Bagarre and the Reign of Mary?
V. What most occupies the dreams I have about myself?
A. If I were to win the lottery and become rich, how do I like to imagine myself in the midst of these riches?
B. If I were to be given an important function, what is this function I would imagine myself to have and how do I imagine myself while occupying this function?
Write all my pretensions on a piece of paper and present it to a statue of Our Lady, asking Her at whose prayer water was changed into wine, to heal me of all my pretentiousness.  End by reciting the consecration.
O Wise and Immaculate Heart of Mary who, being gifted with the greatest natural and supernatural gifts and free from the least shade of any defect, was still detached from everything, not wanting these gifts to appear before the eyes of men, or even the Angels.  Thou didst desire only the love, glory and service of Thy Divine Son and His Church.  Consider the heart of this Thy son, who is attached to his little real qualities, great imaginary qualities and even his miserable defects and have mercy on him.
Thy prayer is omnipotent.  Therefore, grant from Thy Beloved Son the grace of a radical transformation which will convert me to the very last fibers of my soul and make me entirely detached from everything and turned only to Thee.  Through Thy mercy, make of me a son and slave who prefers to die rather than live in a world that is devastated and without honor.  Make me one who lives entirely on confidence that the Revolution will end and thy Reign will come.