Letter of one of the most distinguished intellectual figures of Spain of the last years of XX century on “Revolution and Counter-Revolution”



July 17, 1984




Dear Friend,

Yesterday, at a stretch, I read the 1978 Spanish edition of your magnificent book “Revolution and Counter-Revolution,” which you had kindly sent me.

I had already read other works of yours and have been aware of your colossal defence of Christian civilisation for quite a while.

I understand perfectly the third part of this edition (“Twenty Years After”), on the concern regarding the infiltration of the Church in post Conciliar times. Since your faith is deeply rooted in the indefectibility of THE CHURCH, this phenomenon will be a further stimulus to labour with hope…

A small book of mine will be ready next month. I will send you a copy as soon as it is available.

With an embrace,

Victorino Rodriguez. O.P.


Fr. Victorino Rodriguez y Rodriguez. O.P., is one of the most distinguished intellectual figures of Spain today. Born in Carriles, Asturias, on February 14, 1926, he joined the Order of Saint Dominic when he was 19. Ordained a priest in 1952, he travelled to Rome to complete his studies and obtain a doctorate.

An eminent theologian and presently prior of the Convent of Santo Domingo el Real in Madrid, he was professor of the School of Theology of San Esteban in Salamanca and held a chair at the Pontifical University of the same city. He is professor of Madrid’s Superior Council of Scientific Investigations and member of both the Royal Academy of Doctors of the same city and the Pontifical Roman Theological Academy. More than 250 of his books and articles have been published, many by the renowned publishing house Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos of Madrid. He died on March 28, 1997, in Madrid.

From: “Revolution and Counter-Revolution,” Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, Dublin, 2019, page 171.