Prof. Plinio thanks Monsignor G.B. Montini for the letter he sent him on behalf of Pope Pius XII concerning his book “Em Defesa da Ação Católica”.



São Paulo, March 19, 1949

Most Reverend Excellency,

In presenting you with my most sincere homage, I would like to thank you for the letter with which Your Excellency has honored me conveying the Holy Father’s august sentiments of benevolence concerning my book, Em Defesa da Ação Católica [In  Defense of Catholic Action].

I wrote this work with the sole desire to make known the Holy See’s wise directives concerning Catholic Action and to defend them against truly dangerous interpretations. Thus, nothing could touch me more deeply than knowing that my book has been honored with the Sovereign Pontiff’s august approval.

I beg Your Excellency to place my most humble and filial gratitude at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ.

May God give me the grace to serve the Holy Father every moment of my life and shed my blood for Him should the occasion arise.

I count on Your Excellency’s prayers in this regard and take this opportunity to offer you, Monsignor, the assurance of my most respectful consideration.

Of  Your Excellency most devoted in Our Lord,

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira