Zeal for the Most Holy Name of Mary (12th september)

An informal lecture on September 11, 1964 (*)



In times past, people considered names to be symbolic of the person. This was so true that for a long time people even gave great importance to initials, a kind of symbol of the name, which in turn is a symbol of the person.

Thus, a name was considered to be a symbol of the more profound psychological, moral and spiritual aspects of the person. The name of Our Lady, like the Most Holy Name of Jesus, should then be considered symbolic of the hallowed virtue of Our Lady, her mission, and all that which she represents.

From this standpoint, we venerate the name of Our Lady since it is an affirmation of her interior glory, inner qualities and her person. The name of Mary is then the symbolic manifestation of all that exists of hallowed in Our Lady. By honoring this name we celebrate the glory that Our Lady has, had and will have, in heaven, earth and the entire universe.

Regarding her glory in heaven, all has been said. She is the queen of all angels and saints, placed above all creatures. She is placed incomparably and incommensurably above all creatures so that in the order of creation she is the high point toward which everything converges. She is our Mediatrix with God, Our Lord. The glory that she has by this fact is simply inexpressible and derives from her condition as Mother of the Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Regarding her glory on earth, we consider how Our Lady must be glorified also on earth. The Glory be prayer states: Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The answer is: As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Thus, it is normal to affirm that Our Lady should also be venerated on earth; and for her most holy Name to be glorified in an ineffable way.

Imagine a world like that of Christendom which would be influenced by the spirit of the great Marian apostle Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort. Imagine if the disciples of Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort were the salt of the earth and really set the tone for devotion to Our Lady throughout Christendom. Then we could understand what Our Lady’s glory in the world should be like. It would be incomparably more than it is today.

We see how greatly Our Lady was glorified by Holy Mother Church (at least until progressivism entered the scene). To us this glory seemed immense. However, it was nothing in comparison to the glory that she should have according to the spirit of Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort. We must ardently love Our Lady’s glory because it is unbearable for her not to have the glory that she should have. It simply is most odious and execrable that vice, crime, the Revolution and the wickedness of men have managed to diminish the glory that she should receive from men.


Our zeal for the glory and name of Our Lady should be as children in their mother’s house. How could a son feel fine in his mother’s house when he sees others refusing to give the attention due to her? How can we feel happy on earth, which is under Our Lady’s queenship, when we see her being refused her rightful honors and respect? This must be a continuous reason for us to have much more than just grief but great indignation that the Queen is not being recognized by all in the role which is her own.


(*) The preceding article has been translated and adapted for publication without the author’s revision. –Ed. American TFP.