Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira



Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima





Crusade for a Christian Civilization, New Rochelle, N.Y., Vol. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1975, No. 5, page 61

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O Queen of Fatima, in this hour of so many dangers for all Catholics in the Americas, remove from us the scourge of atheistic communism.

Do not allow the communist regime, which denies all the Commandments of God, to establish itself in the many countries born and formed under the sacred influence of the Christian Civilization.

Therefore, O Lady, keep alive and augment the rejection which communism has encountered in alla social layers in the Americas.

Helps us to remember always that:

1. The Decalogue commands us to “love God above all things,” “not to take His Holy Name in vain,” and “to keep the Sabbath and holy days.” And that atheistic communism does everything to extinguish the Faith, to carry men to blasphemy, and to create obstacles to the normal and peaceful celebration of worship;

2. The Decalogue commands us to “honor our father and mother,” “not to sin agains chastity,” and “not to desire our neighbor’s wife.” Now, communism wishes to break the ties between parents, and sons, turning over their education to the State. Communism denies the worth of virginity and teaches that marriage may be dissolved for any reason, on the mere desire of one of the partners;

3. The Decalogue commands us “not to steal” and “not to covet the things of others.” Communism denies private property and its very important social function;

4. The Decalogue commands us “not to kill.” Communism employs war of conquest as a means of ideological expansion and promotoes revolutions and crimes all over the world;

5. The Decalogue comands us “not to give false witners,” and communism systematically uses the lie as a wapon of propaganda.

Act so that, resolutely hindering the steps of communist infiltration, all the peoples of the Americans may contribute to bringin closer the day of glorious victory which Thou predicted at Fatima with these words so filled with hope and swetness:


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