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Tradition, Family and Property Magazine, January-February 1994, page 37

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The cat is a very interesting creature.

Its nonchalant watchzlness makes it truly impressive. Imagine a cat walking from one end of a rock wall to the other. It will have the air of being totally oblivious of what is going on below, but every once in a while it will look down to make sure everything is alright.

The cat never slips, it never falls, and if someone knocks it off the wall it always lands on its feet. This is the cat’s famous rebound. 

As a kitten, the cat brings to mind a certain innocence. But as it matures it becomes amazingly crafty. Its crainess is very expressive and makes the cat the symbol of the diplomat.

There are beautiful cats with ne ir. Actually, the eyes of a cat are usually beautiful. But even the alley cat, with its ordinary grape-green eyes, is interesting. Each of them is interesting in its own way.

The alley cat on the rooflops is the D'Artagnan in the business. It has leapt, fought, scarred itself everywhere except in its remaining eye. It has been through everything.

It is like the Old Sea Dog, whose face shows he has cononted all the seas. The alley cat has faced all the nights, with all their risks.

The house cat is different. It is very well-mannered, clean, but false, pretending to like anyone who pets it...

I think the cat very interesting!

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