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We have just seen how the word “family” is not an empty word. It is the leaven of life, it is a condition for existence, an essential element for progress. Supported by the values of tradition, it is the very breath of life of everything society affirms, develops, and tends towards for the future. The family resists and defies death, ultimately bringing about those historical eras that only societies imbued with these principles can achieve.

Only what is natural can live; only what is natural can progress. We have the astounding example of Europe. After a few centuries, it became the continent that achieved the most brilliant cultural and technical advances humanity has known. This was only possible because its organisation was profoundly based on families.

Thus, traditional family life, when imbued with steadfast religious principles and supported by heredity and tradition, forms an individual with a strong and lively personality able to confront and triumph over a decadent and secularised world.

Here we fully realise the brilliance, the value of the institution of the family. We should then fight for its survival. We should then fight for the survival of Christian civilisation with all the strength of our souls.

However, we must not forget—no matter how vital a principle for society the family may be—that any good in human society can only reach its plenitude, can only be saved from the most dangerous agents of deterioration, by placing all our faith, all our hope, and all our love in He who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life: Our Lord Jesus Christ.




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