The Christian Institution of the Family:

A Dynamic Force


to Regenerate Society




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PART I – The Christian Institution of the Family and the Role of Personality

Chapter 1 – The Family in Ancient Times

Chapter 2 – The Family at the Origin of Feudalism

* Family Lineages: Behold What Historians Fail to Emphasise

* Lineages and the State

* Families and the Justice of God

* Lineages outside the Family Circle

Chapter 3 – Centralisation: A People vs. the Masses

Chapter 4 – The Virtue of Aseity: A Fundamental  Building Block of Christian Society

* Aseity of social groups

* Aseity and Revolution

* How a Person Is Influenced by the Opinions  of Friends

* Aseity Differentiates People from the Mass

* Liberalism and Aseityes

* Knowledge of Truth,  Grace, and Primordial Light

* A Rough Draft to Be Completed by an Ideal Model

* Aseity, the Church, and the Planet-Satellite Relationship

* Aseity and Obedience

* Obedience, Grace, and Free Will

* Slavery: Public Opinion, Authority, and Aseity

* Aseity and the Passion of Our Lord  Jesus Christ  

* Laziness, Pride, and Public Opinion

* Relationship of Aseity and Impurity

Chapter 5 – The Virtue of Aseity and  Family Life

Chapter 6 – The Family Is the Soul of Both Society and the State

* At the Town Level

* At the Regional Level

* At the State Level


PART II – The De-Christianisation, Urbanisation, and Industrialisation of the Family


Chapter 1 – The Traditional Family

* Institutional Seriousness of Marriage

* Normal Development of the Child without the Phenomenon of “Adolescence”

* The Opinion of the Catholic Church

Chapter 2 – The Urbanised Nuclear Family: A New Mentality and Behaviour

* Loss of Purpose with the Nuclear Family

* Urbanisation Favours Juvenile Delinquency

* Incapacity to Provide for Its Own Members

* The Traditional Family Vis-à-Vis the Nuclear Family


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