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A SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. As a civic association of Catholics, TFP bases itself on the teachings of the traditional magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. We see the crisis of contemporary society as having its roots in the most profound problems of the soul of present-day man, whence it spread to his whole personality and to all his activities. We understand this crisis to include:

1. A loss of Faith and a rejection of the principles of the natural order established by God.

2. The continuous opposition of the disorderly passions of the soul, particularly pride and sensuality, to the mandates of Natural and Moral Law, leading to absolute equality and licentiousness.

3. The existence of a process, through which individuals—and even whole nations—are gradually attracted either to the pole of good and of order, or else to the pole of evil and disorder.

A SCHOOL OF ACTION. To counter the above revolutionary process, which led to the present anti-Christian order of things, we aim to re-establish Christian civilisation. To accomplish this we use every available peaceful and lawful means, such as:

Direct action to inform the public about key ideological issues, thereby frequently changing the course of events. In public campaigns that are a hallmark of the TFP, our volunteers talk directly to people on the streets and hand out leaflets. To date we have distributed approximately 2 million leaflets in this way.

Informing and educating through leaflets, newsletters and books dealing with a range of topics of interest to Catholics and the general public. TFP's carefully researched books and position papers always receive the highest praise for their accuracy and in-depth insights into issues. TFP Viewpoint, our bimonthly newsletter, keeps us in touch with our friends. We also give talks to a wide variety of groups, explaining our work, or dealing with specific topics. 

Why Tradition, Family, Property?

Why is it important to defend tradition, the family and the right to private property? At first sight these values might seem to be an arbitrary mix. But, in fact, they are three pillars supporting every sound civilisation, and especially Christian civilisation. Abolish any one of them and the other two will wither and die. They are values rooted in both Natural Law and Divine Revelation. Today they are under attack as never before. To restore Christian civilisation we must foster and defend tradition, the family and the principle of private property.

Tradition is the sum of a people’s accomplishments in the religious, moral, cultural and material fields. It is a gift handed down from generation to generation by virtue of which youth moves forward with a surer step, enlightened and guided by the experience of elders. Tradition is not merely an historic value, nor simply a romantic yearning for bygone days. It is an indispensable factor for contemporary life. Through tradition societies avoid stagnation, as well as chaos and revolt.

Family is tradition’s most dynamic element. If the family did not exist, neither would tradition, for families are the bearers of natural and supernatural moral values that are passed on from one generation to the next. A family must develop this rich patrimony into a school of being, living, progressing and serving one's country and Christendom. Otherwise it risks producing maladjusted individuals who don't know who they are and who cannot stably and logically fit into any social group.

Property is a human right based on the nature of man as a free individual entitled to the fruits of his labour. Private property is indispensable for the well-being of the family. In accordance with their God-given instincts, all parents worthy of the name work, struggle and save to provide a secure future for their children. Thus, families accumulate patrimonies which are passed on from generation to generation as inheritance. Inheritance is the rendezvous of family and property. Although even more important than material possessions are intangible goods like education and cultural and moral values. To deny the legitimacy of this is to make parents strangers to their own children. The seventh and ninth Commandments explicitly state the sacredness of private property.

The destruction of tradition, the family, and private property has been sought by all the totalitarian movements of the modern age, especially Socialism, National Socialism (Nazism), Fascism and Communism. These movements are natural enemies of Christian civilisation.




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