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1978-01-10 – “Our Lady was always the Light of my life”. Excerpts from the Testament of Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. “I am fully conscious of having fulfilled my duty by having founded and directed my glorious and dear TFP”. 

1981-12-09 – Letter of Friedrich A. Hayek, Noble Prize winner in economics, regarding Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveria’s “What Does Self-Managing Socialism Mean for Communism: A Barrier? Or a Bridgehead?” (widely published in 1982, in 50 major Western newspapers and magazines, with a total of over 33 million copies).

1993 – Internationally renowned personages praise Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII – A Theme Illuminating American Social History

1994 – Philosophical Self-Portrait

Wisdom and Discernment in the Fight

1996 – From the hearts of the mothers to the hearts of the children: Dona Lucilia Ribeiro dos Santos (by Roberto de Mattei)

1996 – “The Church is neither on the right nor on the left”? – The famous Dominican priest, Father Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange comment: “I believe that many of those who use the phrase quoted use it for abandoning the right and then sliding towards the left. While trying to avoid an excess, they fall into the opposite”. “I also believe that we should not confuse the true right with false rights”.

1996 – In defence of Catholic Action (history)

1996 – “The most enigmatic war of this century”

1996 – The obscure complicity between Nazism and Communism / “We have only one option: Christ the King or the Anti-Christ. And for us, the Anti-Christ is nazism as much as it is communism”

1996 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira reconstructed what he defined as a “genealogy of monsters”, tracing the ideological ancestors of National Socialism from Luther to Hitler

1996 – I desire that the last act of my intellect may be an act of faith in the Papacy

1996 – The specific vocation of the TFP: the “consecratio mundi”

1996 – The TFP in the world: the development of the anti-Communist epic

1996 – The disastrous comedy of the U.N.

1996 – The Muslim danger is immense, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wrote in 1943. And: the Muslim problem will constitute one of the gravest religious questions of our days after the war (5 March 1944)

1996 – The postconciliar crisis explodes

1996 – “De Fatima numquam satis” / Fatima is not only an event that happened in Portugal, and is not only of interest in our days. Fatima is a new mark in the very History of the Church.

1996 – The Reign of Mary in the de Montfort perspective

1996 – Towards the century of the immense triumph

1997-08 – Predictions and Denunciations: Frei, the Chilean Kerensky, Thirty Years Later

1999-04 – “Revolution and Counter-Revolution”: Elevation of Thought, Effectiveness in Action

2000 – “Ardor, Courtesy, Unlimited Devotion to the Catholic Ideal…” A Personal Look at Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

2004-05 – Predictions and Denunciations: The Growth of Protestantism in Brazil, Denounced Over a Half-Century Ago

2005-04 – Predictions and Denunciations: The German-Russian Break, a Skillful Revolutionary Maneuver

2005-06 – Predictions and Denunciations: “Supermarket of Religions” / Particular preaching, which advocates equality among all religions, bewilders many Catholic faithful. It has favored the growth of Protestant sects, a danger Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira has already denounced.

2005-08 – Predictions and Denunciations: From Catholic Action’s Misguided Mercy to Contemporary Nudism / Relativizing Catholic doctrine has led many to accept as normal what the Church has always condemned. Hence Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s question: “Who is still Catholic in the Catholic Church?”

2005 -10 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: His Early Years

2006-10 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Man of Faith, Thought and Action. Indomitable Catholic, Marching to Victory

2006-12 – Recalling French Self-Managing Socialism: 25 Years Later

The Crusader of the 20th Century: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (by Prof. Roberto de Mattei)

2th August 2007, Gaming (Austria) – In hoc signo vinces, by Roberto de Mattei, during the Summer University of the TFPs from Austria, French and Germany

2008 – Predictions and Denunciations: Genesis and Diagnosis of Some Aspects of Contemporary Madness

2008-05 – Predictions and Denunciations / Chaos: How Many Crimes are Committed By Hiding Your Name! Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira denounced the generalization of chaos over 70 years ago.

2009 – Indigenous Neo-missiology: Denunciation, Confirmation, and the Future

2009-04 – The Barbarization of the West Leads to Tribalism / Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira described the decline of the West and foresaw the tribal-anarchic society to which it would come. The current indigenous propaganda confirms his forecast.

2009-04 – Predictions and Denunciations: Part Two – Moving toward the Reign of Mary after the purifying punishments of Divine Justice

2009-04 – Predictions and Denunciations: The Reign of Mary

2011-07 – The Crusader of the Twentieth Century, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – I

2011-09 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: The Crusader of the Twentieth Century – II

2011-09 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: The Crusader of the Twentieth Century – III

2015-02-16 – Cardinal Burke: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, a model for us during these difficult times

2015-04-30 – “Different lines of Brazilian conservative thought in its recent history” / The importance of Prof. Plinio’s; thought today, by a Master in Social History by Pontifical Catholic University – Sao Paulo (PUC-SP) and Researcher of its Study Nucleus on Work, Ideology and Power (NETIPO).

2015-09-08 – My Public Life

2019-07-30 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s Bitter Satisfaction of Having Foreseen it All / Until a few years ago, if someone had spoken of indigenous tribalism as a solution to the crisis of the modern world, he would have been laughed at and considered a lunatic.

2021-08-18 – Evaluating the Spectacular Impact of the Religious Right / The book Moral Majorities across the Americas: Brazil, the United States, and the Creation of the Religious Right (Benjamin Cowan, University of North Carolina Press, 2021)

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Danube River – Austria 2007

* Collection of forgotten truths


1968-10-23 – The Afflictions of the Third Family / The sensation of chaos assails us everywhere in our daily lives. We see people at every moment whose actions today contradict those of yesterday, and will also contradict those of tomorrow. It is increasingly rare to find persons all of whose thoughts, words and actions consistently follow several fundamental principles. Evaluating this scenario, people can be classified into three principal families of souls

1968-11-09 – Dona Cesarina, an Enemy of TFP

1968-12-11 – Equality at the Starting Point – What an Injustice

1968-12-18 – Tradition, Family and Property

1969-02-26 – The Problem of the Four Brothers / To lay claim to an absolute equality of all would be the same as to pretend to give identical functions to the diverse members of the same organism

1969-03-12 – TFP – Tradition

1969-03-20 – The Importance of Tradition Today / So much reduction of refinement will make it disappear; so much shortening of clothing will make it vanish; so much silence about the fundamental values of culture and of the spirit will lead them to desert the earth. So much fostering and unleashing of disorders will lead them to invade and submerge everything. Is there any other way to prevent this than by fighting for our tradition, the bearer of all authentically Christian, or even simply human values that this hurricane is destroying?

1969-11-09 – When Will Our Eyes Finally Open Regarding Cuba?

1970-04-05 – Nothing learned, nothing forgotten / The perfect code of human conduct is in the Ten Commandments of the Law of God. If all men were to follow this Law fully, all of man’s ideological and moral problems would be resolved. If, on the contrary, all men fully violate this Law, humanity will not be long in destroying itself

1970-05-10 – I couldn’t think of the right title for this article / Prosperity – Knowledge – Heroism – Universal problems, problems of all times

1970-12-27 – Stop and See / There is no happiness equal to this, not even when the Catholic finds himself, like Jesus Christ Our Lord, nailed to the Cross

1971-03-14 – The Hoax Of Atheistic Communism / Arianism, semi-Arianism – The Catholic circles imbued with comunist influences

1971-04-04 – The Rabbit / The legitimacy and perennity of the regime of private property

1971-05-23 – To Stun is a Step towards Defeat / The decline of the will to light is already a half defeat… It is to this phenomenon that I wish to draw the attention of those men capable of finding a solution.

1971-05-30 – Private Property: a collection of pontifical texts

1971-06-06 – The Popes and Private Property

1971-06-20 – On the Airplane with Gogo / Some prejudices against the Middle Ages and the TFP

1971-06-27 – The Return Flight with Gogo

1971-11-07 – The “Good Fellow”

1971-12-26 – Light, the ultimate gift

1972-08-06 – Tears, a Miraculous Warning

1972-04-23 – Why Does Love Arouse Hatred?

1973-05-27 – On Bishop Isnard’s Anti-TFP Decree – A answer to to a decree by His Excellency Clemente Isnard, Bishop of Nova Friburgo (RJ), forbidding his clergy to give Communion to TFP members when they present themselves in a group or with their insignia.

1974-01-20 – “Thou Who Didst Know the Example” / Poland: an exemple of the Catholics’ intransigent courage

1974-02-10 – Glory, Joy, Honor – “The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep”

1974-03-31 – In Honor of the Great Troublemaker

1974-04-14 – Indispensable Resistance

1974-04-21 – Resisting…

1974-05-12 – Another Cardinal in the State of Resistance

1974-06-09 – “Vatican Ostpolitik Favors Moscow”

1974-10-13 – Tenderness that Would Draw Tears

1974-10-20 – Whatever Budapest Wants / Cardinal Mindszenty, Paul VI and the United States

1974-12-01 – Resistance, Tarancón, and Casaroli

1976-11-05 – The nothing that may result in everything

1976-11-12 – On Pilgrimage Within a Gaze / The statue of Our Lady of Fatima that shed tears in New Orleans because of the sins of mankind and the chastisements that men are calling upon themselves

1976-12-10 – Who is the Madman?

1977-11-25 – The White House responds / The telex about the heroic Vietnamese

1977-12-28 – “Elitism”

1978-08-16 – Clarity / What will the new Pope think about the “self-destruction” of the Church and the “smoke of Satan”? / The immense majority of the Catholics wants immediately and first of all, clarity / What could be more just, more logical, more filial, and more noble than the sons of light turning to that man to whom it was said: “Thou are Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church,” to ask him for clarity?

1978-10-04 – At Mrs. Edeltrudes’ / The French Revolution, Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga of São Félix do Araguaia, the Bastille, the Holy Inquisitors and the wall that communist Germany just finished building from the Baltic to Czechoslovakia

1979-01-01 – “Twilight” of the Sun of Justice

1979-07-20 – Reflections on a Café / Among the faculties of the soul, one of its most noble abilities is its capacity to relate material things to spiritual things, and then relate them both to God / Economic development does have its place. However, it does not hold the supreme place for the simple reason that man is more than just a stomach.

1979-09-26 – The Insidious Question – Centrists or genuine but bashful and disguised leftists?

1979-10-28 – At A Pizzeria with the “Moderates” – The psychology of hatred of very many “moderate” leftists

1979-11-12 – An Oasis in the Sahara / A very beautiful pastoral letter of bishops of Taiwan: “nothing can prevent Our Lord’s victory over evil”

1979-11-28 – The Iranian Game / The invasion and seizure of hostages in the U.S. Embassy in Teheran by fanatical students, Carter, the Soviet Leviathan, Our Lady of Fatima

1980-02-08 – The Lullaby Revel Didn’t Mention / The Soviet lullaby and the Catholic opinion – Pius XI, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, Vatican Council II, Jacques Maritain

1980-02-18 – The Failure of Detente and the Vatican Policy

1980-04-27 – Free Access To Embassies, The Decisive Test / Cuba: the situation of the unfortunate 10,000 refugees in the Peruvian embassy – Why Carter has still done nothing to dismantle the dictatorship of Cuban extremism?

1980-06-18 – A Precarious State That Always Ends Badly / If material bread is neither the supreme nor only good, why do liberation theologians speak of it alone?

1980-08-12 – Back to the Tower of Babel ? / St. Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort shows the lives of the peoples above all as a grand, tragic and incessant war between truth and error, good and evil, beauty and ugliness)

1980-08-31 – To You: Dear Atheist

1980-09-13 – Service, a Joy

1980-09-20 – Obey in Order to be Free – The third article of this True Devotion to Our Lady Trilogy

1980-11-17 – Conscientize, Conscientize… / USA – The elections – The poor are giving the leftist rich a very great lesson in common sense

1981-01-27 – The Eagles and the Beetle

1981-01-29 – The Genuinely Terrible and the Frightfully Fake

1981-02-12 – Convergence and Psychological Warfare / The communism and the most modern and efficacious of weapons: revolutionary psychological warfare – peaceful coexistence, useful innocents, fellow travelers, the policy of the extended hand, ping pong diplomacy, detente and now the Polish model

1981-02-23 – Water, Fire and Flower / For many religious, historical, ethnic, and geographical reasons Poland of itself merits special respect and affection from all Catholics. Consequently, current events there should attract everyone’s attention – Warsaw communist government, the episcopate and “Solidarity”

1981-03-13 – Living Tableaux – Explosions / According to the Polish Army paper “Zolnierz Wolnosci” some Catholic priests affirm that there is a betrayal on the part of Cardinal Wyszinski, who is playing a game in complicity with the communists. Is this an invention? – The Kremlin and Eurocommunism – Suspense on the Brazilian scene

1981-04-08 – What Next ? / While a certain degree of cunning is required of the spy, much more is required of the deviator. His mission is to infiltrate the core of the opposing party, sow factors of division, propose wrong maneuvers, and foment the discouragement arising from reverses. I tremble for “Solidarity” in Poland as I think of this

1981-04-11 – Softliners and “Softliners” / The most universal, continuous, and enthusiastic symphony of publicity is no reason to confide in anyone. On the contrary…

1981-05-09 – Be Consistent / On the night of last April 12th, a strong reddish glare, also seen with shades of green, orange, and light yellow, illuminated the skies of the United States. The night became so bright that cars could drive with their headlights off. Is it a new sign to humanity whose impenitence continues to affront Our Lady of Fatima?

1981-06-20 – The Mediocre and the “Mediocrats”

1981-07-11 – The Termite Man: the triumph of midgets in modern society

1981-08-18 – The Nun and the Fireman

1981-10-05 – The War of the Aspergillum / Farmers, beware! Brazil, beware! Strangers will take your possessions. You will not be touched by the classic scythe of death, but swept by the iron broom of confiscation

1981-12-11 – Self Management and Gossip / The essential theses contained in the Message of the TFPs about the French self managing socialism

1982-03-12 – Thomas da Povoa teaches / Now, hasn’t the past pushed aside the noble-plebian issue? Upon considering the immediate reality, almost everything would say so. But what about the problem equality-inequality, which is more alive than ever in the false antithesis property-labor

1982-04-02 – In Allende’s footsteps? / The spectacular victory of the center-right bloc over the socialist-communist bloc in the regional elections in France

1982-04-15 – Wiles, Guiles Or The Death Rattle? / How will Communism advance? Will the communists forge ahead and continue to become more isolated as the French socialists and communists appear to be? Or will they try yet another camouflage? Don’t they realize that the public has perceived that all this is nothing but a disguise?

1982-07-01 – Just for Essequibo? / The Falkland case, the crisis over the islands on the Beagle channel, Essequibo: would it not be that Moscow is behind all this to aggravate, embitter and infect the quarrels between neighboring peoples, who could so well resolve them in a peaceful way, or postpone them until better days?

1982-07-24 – Russian Meddling in Latin America Will Not Stop / I am persuaded that the Vietnamization of South America is old plan that Moscow will absolutely not give up. And if a new political complication tending to vietnamize us appears in the horizon, this article will be as useful as a notary public deed. For it will prove that Moscow was behind this new complication from the beginning.

1982-08-12 – The Social Function, the Club and the Knife

1982-09-30 – The Cubbyhole / The world outside the aquarium could come crashing down, and the fish would not pay the slightest attention to it

1982-10-24 – Soviet Slavery and the Steel Cord / The Hispano Americans or Brazilians’s style to chat.

1982-11-04 – The Galliard of Don John of Austria / The results of the recent Spanish elections: the most important thing that happened was the disbanding of the center, which split into two parts)

1983-03-26 – Plato in the union / The mediocre man has no idea that his superficiality can have profound effects – The sowers of tyranny profit from the typhoon of demo-mediocrity – Plato: the radicals of liberalism in a democracy, the true fathers of dictatorship

1983-07-02 – Mediocrologists / Some observations about the mediocre man by one of the heroes of militant Catholicism in France, Ernest Hello

1983-09-13 – Marx and Luther in the New French Missal

1983-10-16 – The toads… for how much longer the toads? / “better red than dead”: the meaning of that slogan is that earthly life is man’s supreme good. Whence all the martyrs and all the soldiers who heretofore understood the contrary are imbeciles

1983-12-27 – Luther, Absolutely Not!

1984-01-10 – Luther Thought He Was Divine!

1984-02-22 – St. Thomas Aquinas and the Socialists / Spanish socialism, like its French counterpart, strives to destroy the family in every possible way. Divorce, the “depenalization” of homosexuality and of abortion in many circumstances, and the promotion of contraception are key points in the PSOE’s activity

1984-07-09 – Irreducibility and cunning / Alessandro Natta, the secretary General of the Italian Communist Party affirmed, in an interview requested by Vatican Radio, that he did not see the Catholic Faith as an “obstacle,” but on the contrary, a “possible point of support” for the “perspectives” that, in his judgment, the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and the Catholic Church have in common – The famous decree of 1949, approved by Pius XII, in which the Holy Office declared excommunicates and apostates from the Catholic Faith all those who profess, defend or spread communist doctrine – Irreducibility of faith and love of God will conquer the cunning of revolutionary hatred

1984-12-10 – The Fire Hose, a Wish, and Duty / The Instruction on Certain Aspects of the “Theology of Liberation,” by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

1986-01-06 – The Blind Leading the Blind / The multitudes are exhausted from their work and sufferings. They are worn out from being constantly over-stimulated by the media into paroxysmal emotions in all their leisure hours. They are tired of treading the fearful maze of chaotic events that have no relationship with the day-to-day religious, cultural, political, social and economic life of our modern existence

1987-02-21 – Christian Morality, Safeguard Against the Spread of AIDS

1987-06-06 – The Honeycomb, the Lily and the Bomb / For the restoration of the indissoluble marriage to have viability, it is necessary that…

1989-03-22 – I Don’t Understand (about Venezuela)

1990-01-03 – Grilling the Left and the Extreme Left / Castro: “We shall never renounce the honorable title of communist. Long live rigidity, not flexibility, in the defense of revolutionary principles!” Thus, you fence sitters, middle-of-the-roaders, and the like, inveterate toads or hopeless “useful innocents,” fanatics of anti-“fanaticism,” come right out and say what you think of Fidel’s bold radicalism. With all frankness, tell us what you think of those who are in power in China


1931-09-27 – Catholicism and Civilisation

1932-09-04 – Father José de Anchieta S.J.: If we could resort to a profane comparison to give an idea of the importance of Anchieta in our history, we would say that he was for Brazil what Lycurgus was for Sparta and Romulus for Rome

1933-10-01 – Developing a Catholic Sense

1936-10-04 – Euthanasia for Children? / Predictions and Denunciations

1937-03-21 – A Political Meditation on the Triumph and Passion of the Son of God

1938-12-11 – The Apostolic Strategy of Blessed Pius IX

1939-08-27 – Recent Events Have Sensationally Confirmed this Journal’s Predictions

1939-10-01 – Freud, His Doctrine and Errors / Freud’s sexualizing effort is perhaps the deepest characteristic of his doctrine, which appears more as a morbid conception than as the brainchild of a thinker and sage.

1939-10-15 – The Unending Conflict / The tragic danger of our time lies in false remedies lacking effective authority, remedies based on insufficient principles, remedies derived from extremisms that propose to heal the mortal suffering that afflicts us. Abolishing marriage will only give rise to far worse and inhumane evils, because it will destroy the basic cell or unity of social life, which means that society itself will soon be annihilated.

1940-07-21 – Hope of a Hopeless World – the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart / If an impenitent humanity has every reason to fear every catastrophe, a repentant humanity has every reason to expect every mercy

1941-04-06 – Passion of Christ, Passion of the Church

1941-06-01 – The Universal Mediatrix

1941-07-06 – Predictions and Denunciations / Relations between Nazism and Communism – In its latest issue, commenting on the German-Russian conflict, Legionário promised to publish a list with some news items it published on several occasions demonstrating the effective solidarity between the Nazi and Communist regimes.

1941-11-16 – The Paris Tragedy

1943-01-10 – The Two Aspects of Death: Sordid and Repulsive v. August and Epic

1943-05-23 – The month of Mary / At this anguished moment in history then, let us turn our eyes to Our Lady with confidence, asking her to hasten the great moment we all await. Let us desire many great things for the glory of God

1944-01-23 – The Abortionist Mentality Descends from Hitler / A prophetic piece about the spread of the Nazi abortion mentality

1944-05-14 – The voice of Fatima speaks to us today: Let us not harden our hearts

1944-06-08 – Bishop Vital: Model of Pastoral Charity

1945-02-11 – The War Ends Predictions and Denunciations

1945-04-01 – The Immense Majesty of the Church’s Celebration of Easter

1945-05-13 – As We Celebrate Peace, Let us Not Forget the Lesson behind This War / Legionário reviews the main events related to the great hecatomb.

1945-06-03 – Has Communism Changed? / Predictions and Denunciations

1945-06-10 – Still on Communism – Predictions and Denunciations / I am not writing this article for people looking for entertainment but for those who want to reflect a little on certain rumors circulating profusely in our political environment. They claim that Communists no longer uphold their old doctrines and, therefore, the Popes no longer condemn communism. Is it true?

1945-10-14 – Communism, Property, and Family. Predictions and Denunciations / For Communists, the notion of a crime loses its raison d’être if that crime does not disturb the progress of humanity’s evolution toward happiness. Thus, many acts of culpable criminality cease to be such because their practical consequences do not appear in society to harm it. Only the usefulness of things for human progress makes them good or bad. Hence, the State can use individuals and their aptitudes and capacities with tyrannical despotism.

1945-10-21 – Treatise on True Devotion: A “Nuclear” Bomb That Does Not Destroy but Resurrects

1946-06-16 – False alternative / Faced with the false “despotism-anarchy” alternative, totalitarians of all stripes preferred despotism to react against anarchy. Did they get it right? Of course not. Because they once again failed to free themselves from the wrong alternative. They stuck to it, and fleeing liberalism, they slipped from the peak of the dilemma to the bottom of the abyss. They did not understand that it was not a question of choosing between two precipices but looking for the Way that does not lead to chasms but Heaven.

1946-12-22 – Gathered ‘round the Manger

1947-03-30 – Embracing Christ and the Cross: “Could You Not Watch One Hour With Me?”

1947-06-15 – Muhammad’s Rebirth

1951-01 – The twentieth century Crusade

1951-08 – The cult of numbers in the modern world

1951-10 – Divorce and Romanticism / “So, the unhappy spouse cannot begin his or her life again? Is it just to deprive spouses of the right to rebuild their happiness?”

1951-11 – Christian, Organic Society and Pagan, Mechanical Society / Will the future christian world be something new, or will it be a resurrection of the middle ages?

1951-12 – Supranational structures in the teaching of Pius XII

1952-04 – They Tied His Hands Because He Did Good

1952-05 – Spes Nostra Salve – Optimism, pessimism, realism: what position should we take in the face of current events?

1952-10 – Why Modern Law Clashes with the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ

1953-01 – Fatima, Explanation and Medicine for the Contemporary Crisis / The Great Crisis of Our Days – The Relevance of the Fatima Revelations – The Premise: A Terrible Religious and Moral Crisis – Pray and Atone for Sinners – The Messages of Fatima and the Voice of the Popes – False Optimism and the Fatima Messages – The Message of Fatima and Short-sighted Catholics – The Messages of Fatima and the “Heresy of Works” – Praying Is Not Enough: It Is Necessary to Atone

1953-06 – Devotion to the Heart of Mary Will Save the World

1953-10 – “The Good Heart”: A Romanticised Version of Charity

1954-04 – “Pater, non mea voluntas, sed tua fiat”

1957-03 – What Is Tolerance?

1957-06 – Tolerance, a Dangerous Virtue / The example of “remarried” divorcees / The crisis of intolerance of the hyper-tolerant…

1957-07 – When Tolerance Is Intolerable / Tolerance – even when necessary – bears its own particular perils. What are these hazards and how may we avoid them? A brief theoretical consideration, followed by a relevant historical example.

1957-07 – Tolerating the Secular State, the Enemy of Faith

1958-12 – The Immaculate Conception: The Celebration of Privilege

1959-01 – Do Public Awards and Punishments Dignify and Encourage, or Corrupt and Humiliate?

1960’s years – Letter to a Friend: a Passion for the Truth – Some councils about intelectual life / Truth is timeless, while man follows the fashion of the moment. Truth calls us to sacrifice, while we prefer to pursue pleasure. In short, truth is serious; while man is frivolous / The intellectual life is intimately connected to the spiritual / To broaden your vision and strengthen your personality, you should enrich your spirit through literary classics that express fundamental characteristics of the human soul.

1960-04 – How can the world hate Him who went about doing good?

1960-07 – St. John Bosco’s observation clarifies the cause of the Revolution

1963-03 – The Beauty of Life in Social Relationships

1963-12 – Is Glory to God in the Highest a Secondary Aspect of Christmas?

1967-05 – Fatima: An Overview

1968-04/05 – Pray for Us in These Times of Confusion, O Mother of Good Counsel

1972-09-30 – Understanding the Social Function of Private Property

1976-01-15 – “A Fool is the devil’s steed” / What exactly is an anti-communist?

1976-03-09 – The sphinx souls / How was it possible for Cuba to be reintroduced into the peaceful association of nations?

1977-04 – They Tied His Hands Because He Did Good

1977-10 – The Panama canal or Fidel’s “plum”

1979-06-09 – Right? Or Left? / The trilogy of 1789: liberty, equality and fraternity. God did not create terrifying and monstrous inequalities. Rather He created inequalities that were proportional to the nature, well being and progress of each creature and adequate for the general ordering of the universe. This is Christian inequality.

1979-08-15 – Letter to the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo” on Dona Lucília Corrêa de Oliveira

1979-11 – Shaking Sugarloaf / Unilateral justice is just as absurd as a scale with one arm taken off. On the other hand, from the fact that all egalitarian regimes are intrinsically unjust, I do not conclude that all inequality is necessarily just.

1981-05-18 – Reagan, John Paul II and Fatima / The profound link between the message of Fatima and the present state of mankind.

1984-05-28 – Self-Destroyers / Has came the moment in which the bourgeoisie of the left make their contribution to self destruction.

1984-08-27 – Clearly, forcefully and soon

1985-05-10 – A Testimony of Prof. Plinio about the grace that he recieved of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano

1989-06-16 – Cuba: Finally I Can Speak

1991-03-15 – A Letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in the face of a moaning nation (Lithuania) whose rights must be defended

1991-09-05 – TFPs Support Lithuania’s Demand to set up Court to Judge Soviets – Letter of Prof Plinio to Lithuanian President, Mr. Vytautas Landsbergis

1991-06 – TFPs Undertake Victorious Crusade in Favor of Free Lithuania

1992-06 – Cuba and the Submarine / It is a consoling factor for all of them to see that in Cuba there still burns a Communist Troy, irradiating to the three Americas – and even to Africa – her evil electro-political vibrations.

1993 – The Benefits of Large Families

1993-05 – The Mobile Immobility of Chaos

1993-11 – “Long Live Christ the King!” – A hero, model Catholic youth / How easily he could have used his many qualities in an egoistic way, building for himself a comfortable lifestyle with a smooth career!

1994-03 – An Invitation to Love the Holy Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Any quality, however exalted, will be useless, unless it is founded on a love of Our Lord’s cross.

1995-08 – Anti-Consumerism: Exaltation of Sloth / The Indispensable, the Useful, and the Superfluous – A Typical Socialist Thesis – Rich and Poor Nations: A Specious Dichotomy – In Favor of Judicious and Proportional Consumerism

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem…” An anti-egalitarian consideration of the universe manifests to us that it is a veritable court full of unequal nobles

Reflections on a Cold Draft Beer

The Three Falls of Our Lord and the Three Degrees of Tiredness

Feast of Glory and Peace / What is the true glory? Our Lord gives us a most opportune twofold lesson – Man’s life on earth is a prefigure of the canticle of glory that he shall intone in Heaven for all eternity

Beware, Your Door May Be Unlocked! / Did communism die? Or is it just going through a crafty metamorphosis, from which anything can be expected?

Queen of Immense Majesty

Contemplating Christ in the Perfection of His Person

A God So Small, Yet Infinite; Infinite and Yet So Small!

Lessons from the Holy Grotto

The Immaculate Conception: A Marvelous Theme


1974-10-04 – The Vatican policy of detente toward the communist governments. For the TFP: to withdraw? or to resist? 1. The Facts; 2. Roman and Apostolic Catholics; 3. The Answer, in the Apostle Saint Paul; 4. Resistance; 5. Internal Panorama of the Universal Church; 6. Conclusion

1977-07-07 – The detente of Paul VI with the communist governments. The American TFP Supports Telegram of Prof. Plinio to the Pope

1977-09-19 – 110,000 Vietnamese Dead at Sea! The TFP appeals to Paul VI and Carter

1980-05 – Text of the Telegram of the TFP’s to John Paul II on Cuba

1980-06 – The book “Half a Century of Epic Anti-Communist Struggle” was sent to the Apostolic Nuncio in Brazil, D. Carmine Rocco, with a communiqué, just prior to the visit of John Paul II to that country

1980-06-13 – The TFP Affirms That The Bishops Are Misinformed (about land reform in Brazil)

1981-10-13 – The double game of french socialism: gradual in strategy, radical in goal – what does self-managing socialism mean for communism: a barrier? Or a bridgehead?

1982-02-11 – Is Freedom of the Press Curtailed Under the Self-Managing Socialist Regime in France? – The companies that own 6 of the largest French daily newspapers have refused to publish the Message of the 13 TFPs. Faced with such an unprecedented fact, the TFPs ask: Do publishing companies exposed to self-managing socialist confiscation have complete freedom?

1983-07-21 – TFP to Reagan on Kissinger Appointment / Apprehension among the conservative of the three Americas

1983-08-09/13 – The media’s centrist dictatorship / The major characteristic of a dictatorship is to silence the voices of disagreement

1985-03-19 – Are we on the eve of an orchestrated media attack?

1985-03-26 – The TFP confronts its 11th media uproar with pride and serenity

1989-10 – Has Communism Died? and What about Anticommunism? / It Is Rash to Trust Yesterday’s Enemy Without Guarantees

1990-02-14 – Communism and anticommunism on the threshold of the millennium’s last decade

1991-03-07 – An Appeal for Heroic Lithuania. Letter to all the heads of state of the Free World asking them to establish diplomatic relations with Lithuania.

1991-07-08 – NO to Fidel Castro at the Meeting of Heads of State in Mexico / Letter to the President of Mexico – dont forget the many injustices and atrocities of the Cuban communist regime

1994-12-06 – The Americas on the Dawn of the Third Millenium: Convictions, Apprehensions and Hope of the Hemispheric TFPs



Ambiences, customs, civilizations / Pius XII: “Society, as it were, speaks with the clothes it wears; with its clothes it reveals its secret aspirations and it uses it, at least in part, to construct or destroy its future” / God gave creation to us to serve as a means to reach HimThus, culture and art, inspired by Faith, emphasize the beauties of irrational creation, the splendours of the talent and virtue of the human soul. This is what is called culture and Christian civilization

1955-10 – The Church Protects Art from Neo-Manichaeism – “The New Iconographic Heresy” (by Cardinal Celso Costantini)

1971-08-27 – How to Study “Ambiences, Customs, Civilizations”

  1. 05 –Painting the Human Soul
  2. 06 –Two Paintings, Two Mentalities, Two Doctrines
  3. 07 –The Christian Spirit and the Pagan Spirit Manifested in Architecture
  4. 09 –Two Ways of Looking at Country Life
  5. 13 –Two Styles, Two Ways of Being
  6. 17 –Spiritual Decoration vs. Materialist Decoration
  7. 19 –Barbarians, Pagans, Neo-Barbarians, Neo-Pagans
  8. 20 –Clothing, Mirror of an Epoch
  9. 21 –Two Feminine Ideals
  10. 22 –Small Symptoms of a Great Transformation
  11. 23 –Old Age: Decrepitude or Glory?
  12. 24 –Can Only Sacred Art Be Christian?
  13. 25 –Sacred Art and Naturalism
  14. 28 –Equalizing Everything: A Mania, Not a Necessity
  15. 30 –True Sanctity Lies in Strength of Soul and Not in Sentimental Softness
  16. 31 –Catholic Universality and Pagan Internationalism
  17. 32 –The Machine, Crude and Deformed Idol of a Materialistic World
  18. 35 –Doctrine and Art: A Connection that the Communists Understand
  19. 37 –“Be wise as serpents, simple as doves”
  20. 38 –Being Modern: Apostasy or Sacred Obligation?
  21. 41 –Is the Guardian Angel Less Intelligent than the Devil?
  22. 42 –Two Ideals: Law and the Machine
  23. 44 –Dignified Pride Is the Harmonious Complement of Humility
  24. 47 –Tension and Relaxation in The Countenance of a Saint
  25. 49 –Regionalism, Tradition and Good Taste
  26. 52 –Refinement without Weakness, Strength without Brutality
  27. 53 –Love and Fear in Christian Piety
  28. 61 –Regal Splendor and Popular Comfort
  29. 67 –Highly Aristocratic Institutions(the military academy of West Point)
  30. 70 –Splendor of a Hierarchical and Christian Conception of Life
  31. 71 –The Windstorm of Egalitarianism Leads to Materialism
  32. 72 –Was Youth Made for Pleasure or Heroism?
  33. 73 –Pagan Manliness and False Christian Patience
  34. 78 –True Glory Can Only Be Born of Pain
  35. 82 –Do Symbols, Pomp and Riches Have a Function in Human Life?
  36. 89 –The Devil’s False Promise of Happiness: even from the viewpoint of earthly happiness, neopaganism is bad business
  37. 92 –When Men and Commerce Lived in Serenity
  38. 95 –Masculinity and Extravagance in the Ultramodern Female Profile
  39. 96 –Poverty and Splendor: Harmonious Extremes in the Firmament of the Church
  40. 104 –The Grandeur of the King Dignifies the Cook
  41. 108 –The very rich moral significance of simple household objects
  42. 113 –Spiritual Richness in the Common Life of the People
  43. 114 –“Non in commotione Dominus – God is not found in agitation” (3 Kings 19:11)
  44. 116 –They Became Abominable, Like the Things They Loved
  45. 118 –Christian Tradition and Revolutionary Agitation in Facial Expressions
  46. 121 –Three Faces of the Revolution
  47. 128 –The East and the West, wise interpenetration of values
  48. 131 –If someone were to suffer a sudden disturbance of his eyes, his nerves, or his mind…
  49. 144 –Artists, Craftsmen, and Ambience

1963-07 – N. 151 – A Monument Raised from a Ruin, an Institution from a Custom / An eloquent symbol of the Christian order generated by the Church in the Middle Ages: the cathedral of Burgos

  1. 153 –Are Museums Sepulchers for Culture?
  2. 159 –Demagoguery and the Height of Despotism
  3. 163 –The Love of Tradition In The Most Famous Brazilian Festival
  4. 177 –Medieval Paternalism and Progressivist Neo-Slavery
  5. 199 –The Library: Just a Place for Books or also a Symbol of the Dignity of the Mind?

1977-12-19 – Churchill

The Hummingbird

Two Cities Mirror Two Eras


1929-08-21 – Marie Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of France (first speech of Prof. Plinio): from the queen sprung up a martyr, and from the frivolous doll, a heroine

1934-03-17 – Father José de Anchieta

1954-11-13 – Considerations on Catholic Culture / What is culture? / Culture and instruction / How one acquires culture / Can man develop a true culture outside the Church?

1955-04-23 – The Blessed Sacrament and the Apostolate in the Modern World

1958-11 – Reflections of Divine Unity and Variety in the Sea

1958-11-15 – The Aesthetics of the Universe and Consecration to Our Lady

1961-01-07 – Synarchic Morality

1963-07-01 – Evolution of the ideal human model over the last few centuries

1963-08-15 – St. Joachim and Confidence

1963-11-20 – The most precious grace in terms of devotion to Our Lady

1964-02-12 – Devotion to the Holy Rosary: a weapon for the counter-revolutionary to persevere, to sanctify oneself, and to defeat heresies

1964-05-18 – Filial Confidence in Our Lady: The Starting Point to Have a Lively Devotion to Her

1964-05-21 – Our Lady Takes a While to Grant Great Graces to the Souls She Loves Most

1964-06-09 – St. Margaret of Scotland. In the Middle Ages, the Marvelous Was Something Achievable

1964-08-25 – Saint Louis IX, Crusaders & Statesman

1964-09-11 – Zeal for the Most Holy Name of Mary

1964-10-02 – The True Role of Guardian Angels

1964-11-06 – How ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ Enables Russia to Invade Other Nations. A Lesson on Private Property and the Natural Law. The Freedom of the Church in the Communist State / Instead of trusting God, placing our hope in Him, and asking Him to save us from nuclear catastrophe, we trusted the word of Russians, handed over power to them, and opened the gates of our countries to them. Instead of making a pact with the thrice-holy and infinitely faithful God, asking Him to descend with His Angels visibly or invisibly to save us, we placed our trust in the powers of darkness, saying, “here are our hands, handcuff them; here are the keys to our homes, governments and institutions: keep it all. We trust in you; you will do us no harm.” Could such sin not be the cause of an atomic deluge? Would God’s mercy subject the world to nuclear catastrophe if that huge sin did not happen? Imagine a people who dare to say: “I do not know how God will operate. I do not know how He will save us. But I say NO, that is not legitimate! I trust in God and in Our Lady who assists me, in the angels and patroness saints of nations who defend me. I say NO! Let the world fall on me. I will be faithful and say NO unto death!”

1965-01-25 – The conversion of St. Paul and the spirit of the Apostles of the Latter Times

1965-02-06 – Lourdes’ Lesson in Suffering: Why would Our Lady cure one and not others?

1965-02-19 – Fatima and the Necessity of Suffering

1965-03-01 – Understanding the Richness of the Angelus: a very brief, eminently logical and well made three-point meditation on the Incarnation

1965-03-24 – St. Gabriel: an elevated sense of hierarchy and chastity, two pillars of the Counter-Revolution

1965-04-09 – The Lesson of Our Lady’s Sword of Sorrow

1965-06-20 – Self-Determination For Lithuanians

1965-06-22 – Saint John Fischer: Catholic Hero Amid Softness

1965-06-24 – Why Saint John the Baptist Is a Model for Those Who Have the Courage to Say No

1965-07-01 – Understanding the Precious Blood of Our Lord

1965-07-06 – The political and social order will inevitably crumble in ambiances where the virtue of purity is disregarded – The Importance of Chastity

1965-08-13 – Celebrating Our Lady of Glory on the Assumption

1965-08-14 – The Feast of the Assumption

1965-08-25 – Saint Louis IX Was Both a Man of Peace and a Warrior

1965-11-21 – The Presentation of Our Lady: A Feast of Preparation

1965-12-10 – How the Pope Persuaded Our Lady to Renovate the Holy House of Loreto

1965-12-30 – What Characterizes Providential Men?

1966-01-03 – What We Can Learn From the Marvelous Story of Saint Genevieve

1966-01-11 – St. Benedict Biscop, a Saint Who Adorned England

1966-01-24 – Considerations on the Conversion of Saint Paul

1966-04-02 – Saint Francisco of Fatima Calls Us to Make Special Reparation

1966-04-19 – Even When Poor, an Anti-egalitarian Person Admires the Sublime

1966-04-19 – The Egalitarian Refuses to Admire Anything Higher Than What He Is Used to

1966-04-19 – Coming To Grips With The Moral Evil of Egalitarianism

1966-05-24 – Our Lady Help of Christians, Kindness and Douceur de Vivre – St. Gregory VII, Pope

1966-06-06 – Saint Maria Goretti and the Importance of Chastity

1966-07-01 – The Family: The life-source from whence flourished the originality and cultural diversity for which Europe is still renowned

1966-07-01 – (cont.) – The Family: Society’s first line of defence against Totalitarianism (of all stripes)

1966-09-08 – Our Lady’s Birth and the Triumph of Her Reign

1966-09-19 – Our Lady of La Salette Described by Melanie, the Little Seer

1966-09-28 – Saint Michael the Archangel, Model of the Perfect Knight

1966-12-12 – Our Lady of Guadalupe

1966-12-22 – Princess Louise de France, Daughter of Louis XV, Carmelite

1966-12-23 – The Joys of Holy Christmas

1967-01-29 – The Irreversibility of the Reign of Mary

1967-02-21 – How Blessed Isabel of France (21 February) Shows That Suffering Is More Important Than Enjoying Life

1967-03-11 – St. Gregory the Great: The Seeds of the Middle Ages

1967-03-31 – The Story of St. Mary of Egypt, a Golden Page Within the Golden Legend

1967-04-17 – Comments on St. Therese’s Offer in Holocaust to God’s Merciful Love

1967-04-20 – Saint Anselm: The Beauty of God’s Surprising, Disconcerting and Mysterious Ways

1967-04-28 – The Counter-revolutionary Nexus Among the Three Works of Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort / The Treatise on True Devotion, the Letter to the Friends of the Cross and on the Book of Wisdom

1967-05-19 – The Miracle of Our Lady of Almudena Teaches Us Confidence

1967-06-20 – Leutfridus, Saint of Just and Holy Wrath – The true merciful

1967-06-21 – Saint John Fisher Teach Us to Have Vigilance and Serenity in the Face of Death

1967-08-08 – The Cure of Ars Shows How You Can Benefit From Your Suffering

1968-05-06 – The Important Role of Elites at the Service of Society

1968-07-20 – The Prophet Daniel and the Beauty of Death

1968-09-03 – Saint Pius X, the Conversion of France, and Unpretentiousness

1968-09-25 – The Manly Consideration of Our Defects Is a Cornerstone of the Spiritual Life. If We Are Strong against Ourselves, We Have Tamed the Hardest Beast to Tame

1968-10-14 – St. Teresa of Avila’s Vision of the Battle of Alcácer-Quibir: Punishment for Portugal and Christendom, Salvation for Portuguese Soldiers

1968-10-25 – St. Joseph of Cupertino

1968-11-05 – The Admiration of the “Golden” Boy

1968-11-09 – In the Magnificat, Our Lady Recognizes God as Author of Her Excellency. Applying the Magnificat to the Holy Catholic Church

1968-11-23 – Commenting on Two Maxims of Saint John of the Cross: “From little things you get to big ones, and the evil, which at first seemed insignificant, later becomes very great and without remedy.” – “There are many who do great things, but they are of no use to them because they seek themselves and not the glory of God.”

1969-03-10 – The Elimination of Inequalities in Society Hinders Our Understanding and Love of God

1969-03-11 – Pretentiousness: Agitation, Restlessness, Irritability, Suspiciousness. Unpretentiousness: Stability, Serenity, Affability, Shrewdness

1969-04-04 – The Garden of Olives: Suffering with Our Lord, Suffering with the Church

1969-05-09 – The Sword: Symbol of Nobility and Power

1969-07-23 – The Martyrdom of the Carmelites of Compiègne: Fortitude and Bravery Facing the Revolution

1970-01-14 – Saint Henry, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire / A great Catholic king, a great soldier, a great warrior, a great diplomat, a great politician, he died hallowed with all sorts of accomplishments

1970-01-15 – The Echo of Fidelity and the TFP Mission

1970-02-16 – The Crushing of Byzantium Is an Example for Us / Is the Immense Ruin of the Church Today Not Very Similar to the Fall of Byzantium? We Are Witnessing Apocalyptic Events

1970-02-17 – Venerable Camille de Soyecourt, a great example is much more than doing a great work

1970-02-26 – The Spirit of Cluny and the Middle Ages. We Need to Understand Cluny to Have the Spirit of What We Weep Over and Wait For

1970-02-27 – The Prodigal Son and Our Lady’s Forgiveness

1970-04-03 – The Certainty of the Chastisement Announced by Our Lady at Fatima

1970-07-02 – The Visitation / Saint Elizabeth and the “Catholic Sense” – God Gives Glory According to His Unfathomable Designs – Immediate Sanctity: A Grace to Ask from Our Lady.

1970-07-16 – Suffering and the Little Way (of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus)

1970-07-31 – Discovering the Wisdom of Saint Ignatius

1970-08-03 – Saint Erlembald, the Warrior

1970-08-19 – Saint John Eudes Shows the High Respect Due to Ecclesiastical Authority. At His Time, Even the Worst Sinners Had Remnants of Morality

1970-12-10 – Wholesome Regionalism and Leveling Cosmopolitanism

1971-02-14 – The Moral Profile of a TFP Young Man. The Catholic Religion Is Not for Softies

1971-02-19 – The Need to Repeat Well-Known Truths. The Indispensable Ten-Minute Preparation for Communion

1971-03-06 – The Rose: Splendor of Order with Poetry – The Orchid: Unexpected Beauty – The Tulip: Masterpiece of Coherence

1971-03-27 – Saint Catherine of Genoa and Her Visions of Purgatory / How the Joy of Being Loved By God Coexists with the Sorrow of Having Offended Him. The Need to Purify One’s Soul to Enter Heaven

1971-04-16 – Blessed William Howard: From Heroic Fidelity to Counter-attack / The Martyrdom of Ultramontanes Today Resembles Those Under the Protestant Revolution in England

1971-04-21 – Suspicion, Vigilance, Pugnacity With Oneself and the true counter-revolutionary

1971-04-30 – St. Catherine of Siena’s Crucial Intervention in History. Drawing a Parallel Between the 15th-Century Crisis and Today’s – The Importance of Indulgences to Shorten or Avoid Purgatory

1971-06-12 – Saint Guchiatazade: Like Saint Peter, Converted by a Gaze

1971-07-19 – St. Vincent de Paul’s Most Rich Personality

1971-08-27 – How to Study “Ambiences, Customs, Civilizations”

1971-10-03 – Analogy between the action exercised by Our Lady over the little shepherds of Fatima and humanity

1971-10-09 – Contemplating the Adorable Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ

1971-10-18 – Who Painted the First Picture of Our Lady?

1971-10-23 – No Great Work in the Church Has Existed Without Being Harshly Fought. Instructions and Prayers for Apostolate Visits

1971-11-19 – Why does the Church have a habit of consecrating the Saturday to Our Lady? “It is during the night that it is beautiful to believe in the light”

1972-01-07 – How to study? To Understand, Analyze, Conclude

1972-01-31 – Blessed Charbel Makhlouf and Catholic Lebanon’s Medieval Charm

1972-04-18 – Blessed Odoric of Frioul and Franciscan Friars Visit the Chinese Emperor

1972-05-20 – The feast of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost and “The Secret of Mary”

1972-05-26 – Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, paragraph 260

1972 – Commentary on paragraph no. 261 from St. Louis de Montfort’s Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

1972 – Commentary on paragraph no. 261 (continuation) from St. Louis de Montfort’s Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin / In the first part of the series we discussed doing all our actions “with Mary” and now we are discussing “in Mary”.

1972 – Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin (paragraph no. 262, 263): different aspects of “living in Mary”

1972 – Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin (n. 262-263 – continued): The special grace of the slave of Mary is to be able to dwell in God’s exclusive sanctuary that is Our Lady / Our Lady’s grandeur is such that it fills the enormous expanse between Her and ourselves / What characterises a soul truly devoted to Our Lady is the sense of intimacy between Her and the soul

1972 – The Epic Spirit / A man with a truly great and elevated soul likes to admire with enthusiasm, therefore admiration is part of the epic spirit

1972 – The Siege of Czestochowa – Jasna Gora

1972-09-23 – Saint Odilo of Cluny’s Personality. True Humility Is Respect for Oneself and Others. The Holy Shroud of Turin’s Gaze of Gazes

1972-10-30 – Charlemagne – Who Reminds Us of Moses — Laid the Foundations of Christian Civilization

1973-01-21 – Crusade of Enthusiasm – Pride. What does pride mean here? Without a doubt and above all, pride is a feeling, a state of soul in which the person has a faith that doubts nothing, a solid and unalloyed enthusiasm. (…) What was the fundamental reason for this pride? It was, above all, the Roman Catholic and apostolic faith. The Crusader had faith, the knight-errant had faith. He knew that the Catholic faith is the true Faith; he believed in it with all his strength and fully drew all its consequences. He had no doubt, and that certainty caused a great light to be born in his soul”.

1972-03-24 – The Virtue and the Mission of Saint Gabriel: the Annunciation

1972-06-12 – How, at Any Given Time, the Fate of Christendom May Depend on a Few. Heroic Saint’Elme Position in the Famous Battle in Malta, 23th June 1565

1972-10-09 – Saint Odilo Sold Precious Objects to Feed the Hungry. Definition of a Balanced Man

1973-06-14 – Interview with the Associated Press / Questions About TFP Goals – Number of Members – Recruitment Process – Why Not Accept Women? – Position on Capitalism.

1973-06-15 – The Reasons the Church’s Enemies Hate The Immaculate Conception

1973-07-09 – A Medieval Story on Our Lady’s Closeness with an Afflicted Mother. True Catholic Closeness in Daily Conviviality

1973-08-20 – Saint Germaine Cousin: Humility in a Century of Vainglory. A Lesson for Ultramontanes

1973-09-15 – HOW TO RECEIVE THE HOLY EUCHARIST ACCORDING TO ST IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA / 1) The grandeur of the GIFT; 2) The affection of Him Who gives; 3) Its usefulness to the one who receives it

1973-09-29 – Malice of the Sin of Impurity: a meditation of St. Ignatius of Loyola

1973-10-08 – Saint Philip Neri’s “Counter-Carnival”. Taking Things Seriously Is to Act Like Saint Paul

1973-10-27 – Suffering in Purgatory – Difference between Purgatory and Hell – Importance of suffrage for the souls of Purgatory

1973-12-07 – The Rooster, the Duck, and the Decadence of the West

1973-12-21 – Christmas in Italy, Germany, and Brazil – Three different ways of commemorating Christmas; three varieties of contemplation

1973-12-29 – Two Types of Meditation on Christmas. Diversity of Spiritual Schools in the Church

1974-06-28 – Saint Edward of England, the Pope, and the Beggar. The Profound Laws of the Aesthetics of the Universe

1974-08-16 – Saint Francis Solano: The Apostle of Joy

1975-01-13 – Commentaries on the agony and death of Stalin

1975-10 – Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

1976-01-20 – Our Lady of the Miracle (“Madonna del Miracolo”, january 20th): The Happiness of Unpretentiousness, Purity, and Admiration

1976-03-19 – The calm, the coherence and the logic of St. Joseph

1976-03-19 – Saint Joseph, Martyr of Grandeur

1976-05-18 – The Baroness of Oberkirch: the beatiful of St. Peter’s Basilica and Notre Dame Cathedral

1978-01-16 – The vocation of the USA – The description of the Crusader’s soul – The True Devotion to Our Lady

1978-06-07 – “Love the Holy, Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!”

1979-05-05 – The Art of Conversation. What does conversation consist of?

1980-01-06 – The Legacy of the 70’s / The human race has entered the new decade amidst insecurity and affliction.

1980-12 – Seeking the True Joy of Christmas

1982-02-28 – Today’s “energy deluge” foreseen decades earlier

1982-06-01 – All About the TFPs. From an Interview with Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

1982-10-27 – The cause of Christian civilization: what is it? Why dedicate herself to it? / Conference to supporters of the American TFP

1983-04-03 – When Still Very Young… Renouncing My Career and Challenging the Moloch. At Fatima, Our Lady Announced the Reign of Mary

1983-06-25 – How to Climb up or Down Stairs with Art and Without Vanity? Rome’s Holy Staircase – A Taste for Reflection

1984-03-31 – Our Lord’s Internal Struggle

1984-05-05 – Almansa: A Castle of Dreams and Christian Heroism

1984-05-23 – Our Insufficiency Proclaims the Victory of Our Lady Help of Christians

1984-06-23 – Third Congress of Brazilian TFP Supporters: “In face of this universal and chaotic disorder that is more terrible in many aspects than the disorder of the world before Our Lord Jesus Christ was born, in face of this disorder, what light of hope is there, what perspectives of action are there for the TFP?

1984-10-31 – The love of the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

1985-04 – South America: Dangers and Opportunities / liberation theology / The TFP’s geopolitic

1985-10 – The destiny of the world depends more on the Throne of Saint Peter than on any earthly power / Custos, Quid de Nocte?

1986-01-17 – Saint Gemma Galgani: Dignity and Angelic Purity

1986-10 – Brazil: the Land Reform Question (interview to the Italian magazine “Cristianità“)

1986-10-26 – Acceptance of suffering makes a man a hero

1987-02-07 – Why  I chose the Lion for the standard of the TFP ?

1988-08 – Looking Toward the Year 2000 / War will not be avoided by shaking Gorbachev’s hand or by singing his praises, but by paying heed to Our Lady of Fatima.

1988-12-30 – Preserving Confidence Amid the Dark Night

1989-02-18 – My Vocation: To Wage Counter-Revolution

1989-05-01 – Saint Pius X versus the Worst Heresy of All Time Injected into the Veins of the Church to Destroy Her from the Inside

1989-08-02 – Lordship, Power, Grandeur and Splendor – The Castle of Valençay

1989-10-03 – The Spirit of Chivalry Is a Way of Being

1990-02-16 – Saint Joan of Arc Was a Knight, Not a “Knightess”

1990-05-20 – Commentary on Saint Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Ghost

1990-11-03 – Defying the Law of Gravity

1991-09-21 – Suppliant Omnipotence / In an act of His infinite goodness, the Incarnation of the Word in the most pure bosom of Mary, God created the links that bound Himself to humankind. And Mary, becoming His Mother, likewise became the spiritual Mother of all men

1991-11-08 – As King of Creation, Man Must Improve Upon Created Things

1992-01-03 – Faithfulness to Tradition / The future of the Americas has but one meaning: the future of Christian civilization” – “I am quite certain that the footsteps of men have repercussion in heaven and that everything done here will have repercussion in heaven and will be written in the Book of Life

1992-10-29 – Interview about the problem of homosexuality and the family / If you had to counsel a young man who is homosexual, who has homosexual relationships, what would you tell him?

1992-11-06 – The Peacock and the Swan

1992-11-06 – The Peacock, Or, The Charm Of Superfluity

1993-04-12 – When Society is Corrupt, Is There a Solution?

1993-07 – The Important Mission of the Nobility and Analogous Elites  in Our Days / Recently Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira was interviewed by “Catolicismo”In the course of the interview on his latest work, Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites, the author provides penetrating insights into the critical mission of the elites.

1993-09-28 – Address of Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira for the Launching of the American Edition of His Book, Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

1993-10-15 – A comment on the CAT, the symbol of the diplomat

1993-11-09 – Pius XII’s Great Goals and Means for the Restoration of the Christian Social Order (Prof. Plinio’s speech – Santiago de Chile)

1994-06-05 – Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, an essential part of the message of Fatima

1994-06-05 – Fatima: Our Lady attracts by showing the beauty of purity

1994-07 – Nobility and Elites in the Post-industrial Society / Does it make sense to speak about nobility and elites today 200 years after the French revolution, which abolished nobility in France and decapitated Louis XVI, challenging all the royalty in Europe?

1995-05-24 – Mother: Love, Affection, Goodness, and Mercy

Purgatory: Place of expiation for the faithful after death

* Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

* The Infinite Majesty of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

* Gnosis: the Pole of the Devil’s Egalitarian Conspiracy

* Gnosis: the Pole of the Devil’s Egalitarian Conspiracy – Part II

The Anti-Christian Character of the Egalitarian Revolution

Why the Miraculous Medal Is So Important to Catholics

* Why We Need Beauty in Our Lives

Why We Need Our Lady

Beautiful and Sublime, Sacred and Sacral


1943 – In Defense of Catholic Action (htm) / With a foreword by Archbishop B. Aloisi Masella, Apostolic Nuncio to Brazil and later Cardinal Camerlengo of the Roman Catholic Church. A keen analysis of the first stages of the leftist infiltration of Catholic Action, this work was highly praised in a letter written on behalf of Pope Pius XII by Archbishop G. B. Montini, Substitute Secretary of State of the Holy See, and later Pope Paul VI – PDF: 1,243 KB)

1943 – Sinners Before and After Christ

1951-03 – The way of the Cross (audio & text)

1959 – Revolution and Counter-Revolution (PDF – 1,532 KB)

Revolution and Counter-Revolution (htm)

1959 – The Apparent Intervals of the Revolution

1960 – Land Reform: A Matter of Conscience – By Nature, All Men Are in One Sense Equal, but in Another They Are Unequal

1960 – Land Reform: A Matter of Conscience – Why the Devil Wants to Destroy All Inequality

Egalitarianism and God’s Order for the Universe

* Eliminate Inequalities By Obscuring The Idea Of Being

1963 – The Church and the communist state: the impossible coexistence

1965 – Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue

1965 – The denunciation of the modernist “dialogogue”: he is dominated completely by the aim of coexistence at any cost with the adversary

1969 – Hidden Groups Plot Subversion in the Church – IDO-C and the “Prophetic Groups”

1976 – The TFP proclaims the Whole Truth – The Church of Silence in Chile – An Urgent Matter for Americans to Ponder

1977 – A tribalistic and Communist conception of the mission

1977 – Indian Tribalism, The Communist-Missionary Ideal For Brazil in The Twenty-First Century

1981-01 – Tradition Family Property – Half a Century of Epic Anticommunism

1981 – The double game of french socialism: gradual in strategy, radical in goal – what does self-managing socialism mean for communism: a barrier? Or a bridgehead?

1985-12 – Warriors of the Virgin: The Reply of Authenticity – TFP without Secrets

1985-12 – TFP’s high vocation: to combat revolutionary psychological warfare

1985-12 – “This animal is very mean: it defends itself when attacked” / Not only members and volunteers, but also supporters of the TFP spread all over Brazil – mostly fathers and mothers who, by an undeniably respectable imperative of their consciences, firmly intend to remain faithful to the practice of the traditional morals of the Church – Warriors of the Virgin:  The Reply of Authenticity – TFP without Secrets

1985-12 – Standardization in thought and action to break the TFP members’ personality?


1993 – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII

1993 – Requirements for Leadership / Intellectual Requisites – Requisites of the Will and the Sensibility

1993 – How many saints were noble? Is Being Noble and Leading a Noble’s Life Incompatible with Sanctity?

2001 – Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Predictions and Denunciations In Defense of the Church and Christian Civilization, by Juan Gonzalo Larrain Campbell

2010 – The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society

* The Book of Confidence (by Father Thomas de Saint-Laurent)

THE PARADISE, by Fr. Pierre-Joseph Pession (FULL TEXT) – Theological Considerations Expounded in the Form of Meditations on THE PARADISE Considered Mainly as a PLACE, its relations with the rest of the universe, connections with the life of trial of rational creatures, and on happiness, especially accidental, of Jesus Christ, Mary, the Angels, and the other elect


1970 – Devotion to Our Lady is an indispensable condition for the Revolution to be crushed and for the Counter-Revolution to win – PREFACE To the First Argentine Edition of Revolution and Counter-Revolution

1972 – The Church and the communist state: the impossible coexistence

1972 – Introduction to the first North American Edition of “Revolution and Counter-Revolution” / “Even though it will not be easy for various protestants to accept some of the perspectives in which I, as a Catholic, place myself, the book appears to me to be of a real usefulness for them as well.

1978-10 – American Edition of “Revolution and Counter-Revolution (second ed.)

1985-01 – Brainwashing and Cult: Two Indefinable Catchwords That Are Paving the Way for Worldwide Tyranny and Religious Persecution

1986-09 – Foreword of “Is Brazil Sliding Toward the Extreme Left? – Notes on the Land Reform Program in South America’s Largest and Most Populous Country

1991-11 – Stat crux dum volvitur orbis – Bishop Matulionis’ life: a true Shepherd

1992 – The Mother of Good Counsel of Genazzano

1992 – Memoir of Pierre Toussaint, Born a Slave in St. Domingo

1994 – The Timeliness of the Message of Fátima. The moral crisis in the West has done nothing but increase – The requests of Our Lady were not heeded in a fundamental point – Retreat or metamorphosis of communism? – Clarity, vigilance, and courage

1994-09 – Foreward of the australian edition of “The Book of Confidence


American TFP Newsletter & Crusade Magazine – collection (1979 – 1999)

1974 – The Thousand Days of Allende: Freedom and Prosperity? Or Tyranny and Hunger? / Introduction to TFP Report on Chile – After the Thousand Days of Allende, the People Give Their Testimony – First Words from the Streets of Santiago – The Chilean Experiment – The Autodemolition of the Church: Chief Factor in the Demolition of Chile

1975-08 – BrazilAgainst a calumnious, and passional aggression, the arms of truth, of logic, and of honor. After the defeat of divorce in Brazil, a campaign of publicity terror was launched against the TFP

1976-03/04 – The Church of Silence in Chile. The TFP proclaims the Whole Truth

1976-11 – SpainDeclaration signed by 1000 Spanish Priests supports thesis of the book “The Church of Silence in Chile”; praises Introduction by the Cultural Society of Covadonga on “Analogies” to Spain

1977-Jan/Feb – Gold, Mourning, and Blood – Ukraine: A Tragedy Without Frontiers

1977-03 – The American TFP issues declaration on Human Rights in Latin America – AVERS CARTER’S DEMOCRATIC UTOPIANISM FAVORS COMMUNIST EXPANSION.

1980-04/06 – Text of the telegram of the American TFP to President Carter on Cuba

1982-10-12 – Headless Schools in Spain / The education reform promoted by the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) violates the freedom of the Church and the inalienable rights of parents to educate their children. Furthermore, the Socialist Party aims to gradually impose the self-managing mentality and doctrine on young students through carefully worded slogans – Lucid But Painful Prediction Of the Spanish TFP

1983-01 – U.S. Catholic Bishops Challenged Over Their Inconsistency: Catholic Bishops of America: Why Show Such Extreme Panic Over the Slaughter That Could Be Caused By A Nuclear Hecatombe And No Panic Over The Slaughter Caused By Legalized Abortion

1983-03 – The American TFP on Pacifism / The unarmed man provided the occasion for aggression. The armed man prevented aggression. To be a true pacifist, it to be armed. He maintained the peace

1983-04-01 – SpainFaced with the Slaughter of the Innocents — Within the Limits of the Law and Order: Holy Indignation / An Appeal of the Spanish TFP

1983-09 – TFP PROTESTS AGAINST THE SLAUGHTER IN THE SKY. “The Downing of the Korean 747: A Deadly and Telltale Thunderbolt.” / The TFP in Manhattan: “Better Red than Dead? Never!” – We deny that the world is reduced to the alternative between surrendering to communism or facing nuclear catastrophe. We could hope that Almighty God would spare from this calamity the peoples who know how to love Him more than life, just as He might not spare those who love life more than Him.

1983-10-29 – GRENADA: The TFP Congratulates President Reagan

1984-01 – ANTIABORTION RALLY REBUKES SOFTLINERS. “We defend the right to life of the innocents. He who defends great moral principles with true conviction will never be defeated.” / “No Compromise” was the theme of the Eleventh Annual March For Life.

1984-02-13 – President Reagan Desires “Continued Growth” for the TFP

1984-02 – TFP Clarifies the Issues: ECUADOR REJECTS THE LEFTISTS

1984-06 – Refutation of The TFP to a Frustrated Onslaught – vol. I

1984-08 – His Excellency Luis Franco, the Bishop of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain): “tradition, family and property are vital principles for all Spain; they are vital principles for our history.”

1984-11-14 – Ideological-Religious Persecution in Venezuela – A Black Cloud Descends Upon That Nation

1984-11 – About the Uproar Against Resistencia in Venezuela, the Kremlin Drops Its Mask and Cries Victory

1985-11-10 – THE COLOMBIAN TFP APPLAUDS ARMY MOVE AGAINST TERRORISM. Three years ago (1982), the TFP had warned in El Tiempo: “The effect of the amnesty would not be the disarming of the guerillas, but rather the transfer of agitation from the deep of the jungle to the heart of the major cities.” – “Let us not forget that cruelty often consists in being soft, and not in being decisive, firm, and, in short, men of principles.”

1985-13-07 – In Spain, “The Whole Nation Is Stained” – A Pastoral Letter Against the Legitimation of Abortion written by the Most Reverend Guerra Campos, Bishop of Cuenca. The document analyzes the situation created by the recent passage of the abortion law in Spain in the light of moral law and of the doctrine of the Church.


1987-08-06 – Colombian TFP Defines Legitimate Self-Defense / With the present crescendo of violence threatening public order, the Colombian TFP, commissioned by a group of farmers, has published a statement signed by many eminent jurists affirming the measures of legitimate defense that one may take in defense of hearth and home.

1987-09 – “A Frank and Respectful Statement on the Peruvian Situation: the Apprehensions, Desires and Hopes of the Country” / In face of the virtual nationalization of Peru’s banking system, the Peruvian TFP Nucleus has campaigned to stem the gradual socialization of that Andean nation. Letters supporting the TFP’s position have come from over 130 ecclesiastical figures, including three bishops.

1987-10 – The Brazilian TFP is carrying out a public campaign dealing with the impasse Brazil now faces, proposing at the same time, a concrete, serene and balanced solution. The campaign centers around the book, The Proposed Constitution: Anguish for the Nation by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

1988-08-11 – USA: An Open Letter to Universal Pictures Concerning the Film “The Last Temptation of Christ / On The Verge Of A Public BLASPHEMY ! – The Limits of Religious Freedom – Jesus Christ: The Highest Ideal of Moral Perfection – Morals Are Objective – Never Has Our Lord Suffered Such Accusations… – Conditions for a Real Debate

1988-11 – Spanish Priests Applaud TFP Book Spain, Anesthetized Imperceptibly, Gagged Unwillingly, Misled Unwittingly: The Work of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party

1989-01 – A Call to All Catholics – A Call to All Americans / ABORTION: “A REAL SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS IS BEING CARRIED OUT EVERY DAY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD” – JOHN PAUL II / The American TFP Convokes All Catholics to Oppose This Calamity

1989-07 – The Strange “Right” to Insult Our Country / The American TFP to the public on the Burning of the Flag / Our Flag Radiates the Honor and Glory of Our Country – Does the American Constitution Guarantee the Desecration of Our National Symbols? – Excessive Justice Constitutes a Supreme Injustice: Against This an Immense National Clamor seeks a Remedy – “Salus populi, suprema lex” – Let Us Unite and May God Help Us.

1990-01 – The American TFP brings to Light, Courageous Statements by American Bishops Protecting Morality and Human Life: No Catholic can responsibly take a ‘pro-choice’ stand when the ‘choice’ in question involves the taking of innocent human life.

A TFP delegation in Moscow (December 1990), when a petition signed by five million people in favour of the independence of Lithuania was delivered to Gorbachev

1992-08-25 – The TFP Says “NO” to Maastricht – Can one approve an illegible treaty?

1993-05 – Published in Portugal: “Nobility and Traditional Analogous Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII to the Roman Patriciate and Nobility”

1993-07 – The Important Mission of the Nobility and Analogous Elites in Our Day / “Recently Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira was interviewed by “Catolicismo” / In the course of the interview on his latest work, Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites, the author provides penetrating insights into the critical mission of the elites”.

1993-10 – Argentina“Madonna” Is Rebuffed.

1993-10-31 – ItalyRome, Italian Nobility Rejoices at Launching of TFP Book: “Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII”.

1994-01 – The American TFP in the March for Life: Guaranteeing the Next Generation of Pro-lifers / “This child, who is alive today because he was not aborted, could become an abortionist tomorrow. To prevent this we must instill in our children the principle of respect for life as commanded by God: Thou Shalt Not Kill!”

1994-12 – Abortion: Text of the letter sent to Her Majesty, Queen Sophia of Spain by more than 50,000 Spaniards /  The Spanish TFP-Covadonga and the campaign through its “S.O.S. Familia” association.

1995-01 – A Message from the American TFP to the Pro-Life MovementLet’s Be Consistent!

1995-05 – Colombia, Cyclone of violence revolutionizes a nation – “The Colombian Government Will Be Overpowered Unless It Fights Drug-Traffickers and Guerrilla Violence” / For many years the Colombian TFP—by means of newspaper ads and public street campaigns—has been warning successive governments and Church leaders of the inherent dangers to their country if indolence was not replaced with firm action.

1995-09 – TFP-Covadonga vs. Spain Socialist Abortionists / Since its foundation in 1971, the Spanish TFP has not spared efforts in defense of the perennial principles of Christian civilization, with a special emphasis in favor of the unborn.

1997 – The NCBB note on the Brazilian TFP: Unfounded statements, Biased and impassioned assessments

2007 – The TFP’s answers

2011-07 – The Crusader of the Twentieth Century, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (video)

2020-04-21 – Rethinking China – A Prophetic Voice and the Predictions That Foresaw Where We Are Today